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Saudi Digitalization 2022

TREND released their latest periodical reports for 2022, tackling the most important new aspects of Saudi Digital Media, Titled: "Saudi Digitalization 2022"

We are back to you as always every year with our fourth annual report for Saudi digitization, the report that reviews to you all the developments in our sector that is being active and more modern than ever.
In our previous reports down to this version.. there was a recurring adjective in it.. which is a bigger jump in our sector that cancels the previous one.
Some may think that the fast jump in digitization and world wide usage of technology was imposed by the pandemic by isolation and social distancing, but the truth that result of efforts weren’t affected by that at all.
Today, %93 of Saudis use the internet, while globally %62.5 use the internet. Online shopping in Saudi goes up to %81.56, but world wide %48.29.
Today, Saudi Arabia is the most advanced country of the G20 in terms of digital competitiveness, and the third in the world in 5G mobile internet speed, and up to 2000 Government e-services. These numbers make of Saudi digitization minister on the Chessboard moves in every direction to the farthest distance ..

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